Tiara Nails Blog- What nail shape suits your fingers best in Sydney CBD


Whether you are preparing for a red-carpet event or just in the need for a pamper session, getting your nails done is always something to look forward to. However, the process of choosing your nail style, shape and colour can be overwhelming with so many options.


Obtaining nail inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram is a great way to figure out what you might like, but it is important to consider that there are many factors which make your nails look Instagram-worthy. One factor which is commonly overlooked is how the shape of your hands might influence the appearance of your nails. When you choose a nail shape that compliments your hands and fingertips, it will accentuate the good and minimise the appearance of the not-so-good bits.


You are probably now wondering “How do I figure out what nail type suits me best?”. Well, here is our ultimate guide to what nail shape works for each hand type.


Round-Shaped Nails

This nail shape is perfect for those with short nails, wide nail beds and larger fingers. The rounded shape has a slimming effect which optically extends your finger length for a thinner effect.


Square-Shaped Nails

This nail shape is created by filling each side and the top of the nail straight. This shape is great for adding length but without the practicality issues of stiletto or almond shaped nails. These nails are great for anyone who loves a dramatic effect without hindering the ability to do everyday tasks such as typing on a keyboard.


Almond-Shaped Nails

This nail shape is a long nail which tapers after the nail bed with a rounded/pointed tip. These nails are perfect by making your fingers look longer but without the dramatic effect of a Stiletto nail. If you have short or wide fingers, this shape is perfect for you, however it is important to note that if you do a ton of work with your hands, it can be easy to break a nail.


Stiletto-Shaped Nails

This nail shape works great for long nails by creating a sharp triangular point. Similar to almond-shaped nails, these can be easier to break as the tip is super pointy and not as sturdy as a round or square-shaped nail. This nail shape is best suited for those with short fingers.


Coffin-Shaped Nails

This nail shape is similar to square-shaped, but it narrows more at the tip. As this nail shape draws its sturdiness and strength from your nail bed, this nail shape is best to avoid if you have weak or short nail beds. This shape has a lengthening effect which is perfect for short fingers.


We hope this guide has helped you in the decision to choose what nails you will get next! If you would like any more guidance or would like to book an appointment with us, message us at 0432 288 883!